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Car Locksmith

We’re Here For All Your Automotive Lock and Key Needs

Noble Locksmith of Houston is your local go-to for convenient, and affordable automotive lock, key, and ignition issues. Whether you need a simple car key duplication or something more advanced, such as high-security key cutting and remote programming, we’ll come to you and get the job done right. Call our team to open trunks or unlock car doors when you have a missing, broken, or chipped key. We also provide the following auto locksmith services for valued customers in Houston:

  • Laser-cut key duplication
  • Car ignition repair
  • Chip key origination
  • Fob programming
  • High-security key duplication
  • Chip key programming
  • Flip key replacement
  • Antique car key cutting
  • Emergency lockout service

Transponder Key Programming

working inside a Noble locksmith van

Our vans have all the tools, equipment, key blanks, and other parts necessary to carry out all your automotive locksmith jobs on-site at your home. office, or in the grocery store parking lot. Wherever you are, we’ll come to you.

Programming transponder keys requires special finesse. If you try to use a key without the right microchip and serial number, the system will interpret your actions as an attempted unauthorized entry. Our technicians know how to program transponder keys to put you back in control of your vehicle.

Advanced Locksmith for Cars

Our car key locksmith handles a wide range of issues with your key fobs, ignitions, and door and trunk locks. This may involve cutting standard and high-security keys by code or fixing broken ignition locks. Other advanced services include:

  • Reading door and ignition locks with Lishi tools: Our car locksmith can use a Lishi tool to open a car door lock, decode it, and create a new key from scratch.
  • Programming transponder keys and smart proximity remote keys: A transponder or smart key has a programmable chip within the plastic top part of the key. This chip provides the signal to the car ignition that allows you to start the vehicle. If you need assistance creating or programming a replacement transponder or smart proximity key, we can help.
  • Ignition and door lock repair and replacement: If a key has broken off in the ignition, the door lock has been damaged, or the key won’t open the door or start the car, we can diagnose the problem, repair the ignition or door lock, or even replace them if they’re beyond repair.
  • EEPROM car key programming: During this process, we program a replacement key based on information in your car’s ECU or immobilizer module. This requires a specialized locksmith kit and skillset to successfully read the EEPROM data and save it.

Our team handles programming remotes as well as key fob battery replacement services. So, you can rely on us for all your car locksmith needs in Houston.

Specializing In Foreign and Domestic Car Keys, Fobs, and Remotes

Whether you have an American-made minivan or a Japanese 4-door sedan our car locksmith can provide car key duplication, key fobs, transponder key programming, and other services for the following models and more!

  • Jeep keys
  • BMW fobs (older models)
  • Honda remote head key
  • Toyota fobs
  • Infiniti car keys
  • Nissan fobs
  • Lexus car keys
  • Chevrolet flip keys
  • Acura keys

Do you need assistance with your foreign or domestic car remotes? Noble Locksmith of Houston has the expertise to get you back on the road. Remote head keys are hybrid devices containing the fob and physical key in one unit. If your remote head key stops working, you can call us to fix your hybrid device.

Car Locksmith Near Me

Working with a professionally trained, local auto locksmith brings numerous benefits, such as professional service that can save you from being stranded when you’ve lost your keys or your ignition won’t turn. Our licensed locksmiths provide quality services with a satisfaction guarantee. You’ll also receive a warranty on trusted hardware and parts used for key cloning, fob replacement, and more! We also offer emergency mobile locksmith service no matter where you call from in the Greater Houston, TX, metro area.